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Dana Stout Ministries was founded by Dana Bridges Stout out of the call on her life to minister the Word of Restoration to women and direct them to truths that help them accept the Flourishing Life that Jesus offers.

While praying and asking the Lord, “What does a fruitful and flourishing life look like?” the Holy Spirit lead Dana to 2 Peter 1:5-7 and after reading it the Spirit whispered, “Now THAT’S the picture of a flourishing life.” A life’s pursuit was born at that moment; pursue and teach the steps of this flourishing life.

Dana would be honored to provide speaking, writing, worship leading or conference planning services for you and your women’s group.

About Dana Bridges Stout

Dana’s ministry has grown over the years beginning with the position of Women’s Ministry Director at her home church. She began by coordinating and planning events and retreats. The Lord expanded her abilities to worship leading and speaking. She continues all of these offerings and now is expanding her borders even more into the ministry of writing.

Dana has been restoring bodies for over 20 years as a Physical Therapist. The last half of those years were also spent restoring the hearts of women who, like her, have made the grievous choice of abortion. She has facilitated many women through a post-abortion Bible Study and rejoices to see them released into a flourishing life of freedom. If you need direction to a post-abortion Bible study in your area contact Dana and she will link you with Abortion Recovery Assistance.

Dana has had the privilege to record in the backup choir with Travis Cottrell and is a featured soloist on both CD projects of the Celebration Choir of Duncan First Baptist. She teaches Bible Study every Sunday morning and is a member of One Voice Mentoring Institute under the direction of Cheryl Grayson, and WordGirls Writer's Group, coached by Kathy Carlton Willis.

Dana and her husband Dean have been married since 1997 and they enjoy weekend adventures of travel, zip-lining, mountain biking, and white water rafting (or at least they’ve done it once)! They also minister together at revivals and conferences.


-to grow luxuriantly: thrive

-to achieve success: prosper

-to be in a state of activity or


-to reach a height of development

or influence

-to make bold and sweeping gestures